Why Crossfit Golden Gate?


We are strength and fitness junkies passionate about CrossFit and training like old time beasts.  We live for the sensation of gripping the cold steel bar, the chalky wooden rings, and the frayed climbing ropes.  We believe that fitness should be fun again and we draw our inspiration from a wide variety of weightlifting and gymnastics movements and utilize them to build strength and fitness.

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We are building a fitness community where 9 to 5’ers, soccer moms, and elite athletes can share in success and achieve their goals to become stronger, faster, leaner, and healthier.  At CrossFit Golden Gate everyone is part of the community and we all work to help each other get in shape and reach our goals.  Nobody is a stranger here.  We share in special events like movie nights at the gym, bbq’s, nutrition challenges, and more!

CrossFit Golden Gate San Francisco Back Squat


CrossFit Golden Gate hosts a clean state of the art facility in the heart of San Francisco with the best equipment, parking, and ample indoor space for fierce workouts.  We also utilize our surrounding areas for dragging sleds, pushing prowlers, and sprinting. We have all the equipment you need to complete your CrossFit and weightlifting workouts.

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We are committed to helping each and every one of our athletes achieve optimal health and fitness.  We strive to develop a challenging curriculum that educates and inspires our athletes to grow physically and mentally.  We work very closely to build individual plans and programs that help our athletes crush their fitness goals.

We have built the gym environment that we as athletes ourselves have always wanted. We welcome you to stop by, check us out, and get some work in.

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