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We’re Moving!

CFGG is relocating to a BIGGER BETTER location after morning classes on Wednesday, November 13th. Starting that evening, you’ll find us at 1185 Sutter Street. Stop by and say hi and get your sweat on!



build to todays heavy:

segmented snatch deadlift + hang power snatch + power snatch


7 rounds for time:

7 deadlifts*

7 hang power snatches


7 burpees over the bar

*pick a load that allows you to do each movement unbroken

October 20th Gymnastics Seminar

Join us at 10am on Saturday, October 20th, for 6 hours of hands on coaching withAlex LaChance, 2014 CF Games competitor and former all American Gymnast. Click here to register.

All levels are welcome! Topics covered include:
-Kipping TTB, pull-ups, and CTB progressions and efficiency tips
-Breaking down the butterfly pull-up
-Handstand holds against the wall and freestanding
-Strict and kipping handstand push ups progressions and efficiency
-Handstand walk progressions and efficiency
-Handstand walk obstacle course tips and tricks
-Bar and ring muscle up skills and drills