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6 reasons to do the open


1. Experience the adrenaline rush of competition Share intense moments with the people you workout with everyday. As sadistic as it sounds, suffering together is a bonding experience. You’ll build even cooler and stronger relationships with other CFGGers.

2. Start benchmarking your fitness now Don’t wait until next year when you have no baseline to compare to. Do it this year so you can look back and feel incredibly proud when you see how far you’ve come. Having the measurable data will be proof of your progress. You will repeat open wods in the future, don’t miss out on the opportunity to have data you can test and re-test and always look back on.

3. Miracles happen in The Open and it’s very scalable Can’t touch your chest for a chest-to-bar pull-up? Haven’t strung together any double-unders yet? Get ready to astound yourself, adrenaline will be high and your peeps will be cheering you on. Firsts and PRs happen ALL THE TIME in The Open. You don’t have to do the workouts prescribed, The Open is truly for everyone, there are always scaled versions and you’ll still challenge yourself and learn a lot about yourself as an athlete.

4. It’s super rewarding to push out of your comfort zone  Open workouts just do matter more and you will push harder. Being scared, nervous, and intimidated is totally normal! If you live “comfortable” all the time, will you reach your full potential?

6. The After Party23.DONE
On Saturday, March 4th, after 23.3 the final open workout, we’ll stick around for drinks and snacks and celebrate the end of yet another Open season. Don’t miss out on the fun!

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3 sets:

Back Squat:

1 Rep @ 30X0 – TOUGH , then 12 reps FAST


5 sets: 

In 90s, climb the ladder as high as possible

1-2-3-4-5-6……and so on up the ladder

bear complex*


rest 90s between sets, pick up where you left off each round

*bear complex:

power clean + front squat + push press + back squat + behind the neck push press